Overcurrent Protection for PoE

Fuses for Power over Ethernet connections

  • Overcurrent Protection for PoE
    Overcurrent Protection for PoE

Data networks based on the Ethernet standard are in widespread use around the world and a lot of different devices are tied into them. Ethernet cable is also increasingly being used to supply devices with power in addtition to data over a single cable. It is a convenient solution and there is no need for a certified technician that might otherwise be required to install mains power. 

Overcurrent protection

The higher the current, the faster malfunctions can lead to fires. Suitable devices to protect against overcurrents must be installed in both PSEs (power sourcing equipment) and PDs (powered device). The simplest, most cost-effective and reliable solution for protection against overcurrent is a chip fuse. In addition, they take very little space. The USF 0603 from SCHURTER is the ideal fuse for PoE applications. This thin-film fuse measures just 1.6 mm long, 0.8 mm wide and only 0.6 mm high. It offers overcurrent protection with super-quick-acting characteristics in a range of rated currents from 500 mA to 5 A. It stands out due to a breaking capacity of 50 A at 32 V over the entire range of rated currents. Even today, such breaking capacity is unmatched in fuses of this size. Additional fuses suited for overcurrent protection in PoE applications are on offer: All fuses are approved to cURus.