Panasonic's Polarized Power Relays - at TTI

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Space and energy saving relays up to 90A

Electronics & Electricity

Panasonic's Polarized Power Relays - at TTI
Panasonic's Polarized Power Relays - at TTI

Panasonic Industry provides a wide range of polarized power relays. Thanks to multiple contact ratings up to 90A, low profile or PCB space saving slim designs and nearly all possible contact configurations from 1pole to 4pole there is a suitable relay type for every use case.

In addition, the permanent magnet in all polarized relays offers unique advantages for all series: a very high shock and vibration resistance, constant Ton/Toff/bounce timing through the whole lifetime and latching types are available that consume energy only during a short switching time. That means less heating and improved energy efficiency in all applications.

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Posted on May 20, 2020 - (80 views)
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