Vishay microBRICK™ Highly Integrated POL Solutions

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Simple Solution, High Efficiency, Reduced Cost

Electronics & Electricity

Vishay microBRICK™ Highly Integrated POL Solutions
Vishay microBRICK™ Highly Integrated POL Solutions

The new microBRICK™ DC/DC Regulators POL solutions from Vishay Intertechnology deliver high efficiency while offering lower costs than competing modular solutions. Vishay microBRICK™  offers a Simple Solution to Building Efficient High Density DC/DC Converters with a Wide Input Voltage Range. 

One of the biggest challenges in system design is powering the next generation of microprocessors, DSPs, FGPAs, and ASICs. Vishay microBRICK™ offers several advantages, both thermal and electrical.

Measuring only 10.6 mm by 6.5 mm with an industry-low 3 mm profile, Vishay’s microBRICK modular solution offers a < 30 % smaller area and > 50 % smaller volume when compared to the closest competing module.


Posted on April 21, 2020 - (1080 views)
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