Harwin's Archer Kontrol Connectors - at TTI Europe

Durable and robust 1.27mm pitch connection choice

  • Harwin's Archer Kontrol Connectors - at TTI Europe
    Harwin's Archer Kontrol Connectors - at TTI Europe

Archer Kontrol is a range of compact 1.27mm pitch connectors, providing a rugged and flexible connection choice capable of withstanding industrial levels of shock and vibration. Gold plated contacts are capable or 1.2 A and a data rate of up to 3Gbits/s.

The surface mount design features hold down solder tabs and location pegs enabling automated placement and increasing retention to the PCB. Available in a choice of orientations and mating heights in board mount and IDC cable assembly configurations. The shrouded and polarized design assists with blind-mating. They can withstand lateral and twisting forces, and tolerate a significant amount of misalignment.

Archer Kontrol’s range is ideally suited for the industrial environment, such as factory equipment, drives and controls, IoT devices, handheld equipment and transport systems. The combination of enhanced durability and rugged design, with the miniature 1.27mm pitch, make it convenient for both small and large-scale installations.