Peristaltic Pump

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38mm diameter

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Peristaltic Pump
Peristaltic Pump

WPM1/WPM2 is 38 mm diameter peristaltic pump offered by Welco. To meet worldwide needs, all parts have been newly developed from their raw materials. By adopting many new mechanisms and utilizing high-precision molding technology to realize multi-functional components, an ultra-compact body has been realized that achieves high performance, high stability and space savings. Super engineering plastic, having excellent corrosion resistance, are used for the main parts and enable the pumps to be used with strong acids, strong alkalis, and chemical solutions that erode general-purpose plastic. The heat resistance is also excellent, which enable to use in various environments. As all parts of WPM2 pump cassette are made of super engineering plastic having excellent heat resistance, this ultra compact peristaltic pump performs autoclave sterilization on industrial use. Operation supports liquid solution temperature of up to 80 degree celsius. According to the type of used liquid, 6 colors are lineup. WELCO peristaltic pumps use parts manufactured entirely using high-quality Japanese technology. The pumps meet a wide range of needs from 0.04 mL to a maximum of 120mL /min by using various combinations of parts. The products are UL/CE/NSF certified.

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