Picking Small Parts with Plug-and-Play Robot Vision

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The Pick-it M-HD high definition 3D camera is the latest addition in the Pick-it 3D Robot Vision range, launched at last year’s PPMA Show by Rar UK Automation. The combination of the latest Pick-it 2.0 3D picking software and the new M-HD camera provide

Vision & Identification

Picking Small Parts with Plug-and-Play Robot Vision
Picking Small Parts with Plug-and-Play Robot Vision
Picking Small Parts with Plug-and-Play Robot Vision
Picking Small Parts with Plug-and-Play Robot Vision

After introducing Pick-it™ 3D Robot Vision at last year’s PPMA Show, RAR UK Automation has now announced a new addition. It is the Pick-it M-HD high definition 3D camera for the detection of almost any small and medium size objects, made from any material, with even higher accuracy.

Pick-it allows any camera supported automation application to be built without expert help. There’s no need for complicated programming, Pick-it guides the robot to see, pick and place products from bins, boxes, pallets and tables onto a CNC machine, assembly line, conveyor belt, welding station or work bench

Pick-it: how it works

Simply show an example part to the plug-and-play camera, save this into the teach detection engine, tell Pick-it where to look with a click and drag tool and Pick-it will guide the robot to the nearest pickable part.  A typical detection cycle takes less than a second and Pick-it can find multiple parts in one cycle.  The system can also be connected to the internet for remote monitoring, extending Pick-it’s potential for lights out operation and integration into the smart factory environment.  And as Pick-it can find parts in any location and layout there is no need for a bulky feeding line with inflexible and expensive elements.
Ideal for small parts

The combination of the latest Pick-it 2.0 3D picking software and the new M-HD camera provides a set-up that is ideal for picking small parts with a very high degree of accuracy.  Indeed, it allows RAR UK Automation to provide a system that is 30 times more accurate and can detect objects that are 10 times smaller.  It can also process this information 1.25 times faster too.  

No special lighting required

As with the other Pick-it cameras in the range, the new M-HD model uses structured light to calculate the 3D images. The big advantage of this over the traditional 2D camera is that it does not require special lighting and is immune to reflections.

The other camera models in the range are the Pick-it M that is best suited to the detection of objects larger than 50mm x 50mm x 10mm.  Pick-it L is a wide view camera making it the best choice for unloading pallets; it captures a full euro pallet in its field of view.  All Pick-it cameras, including the new M-HD model, are approved and ready for integration with any Universal Robots, also available from RAR UK Automation.

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