Plate Labels

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For heavily textured surfaces

Energy Efficiency

Plate Labels
Plate Labels

Designed for heavily textured, powder-coated and cast-aluminum surfaces, the new CILS-9100HD high-performance heavy-duty label range provides an immediate, permanent bond to the most difficult surfaces, providing failsafe product identification that lasts the lifetime of the product. Variable data (barcodes, serial numbers etc) can be added in minutes straight from an existing PC and standard laser or thermal transfer printer, saving time and additional cutting hardware costs. The label’s toner-receptive surface coating ensures printed data remains sharp, legible and permanent even when exposed to temperatures from-80 to +388°C, harsh chemicals/solvents, abrasion, and oils/fuel. The labels can be manufactured to any size, shape and full color pre-printed corporate design.

Posted on October 17, 2011 - (152 views)
Computer Imprintable Label Systems Ltd 2 Southdownview Way
BN14 8NL Worthing - United Kingdom
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