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New Industrial Products

Positioning System

Camera based reading head

Posted on January 11, 2011 - ( views)

by Web Editor

Using 2D Data Matrix code as the basis of a positioning system, PCV from Peperl + Fuchs comes with a camera based reading head that increases service life due to the elimination of laser diodes.  It is also chemically robust since movable parts are eliminated. Individual Data Matrix codes can be positioned horizontally or vertically along a path which can be read and decoded and the exact position output in x and y directions. The benefits include maximum data integrity, slim code band for the narrowest mounting sites and curve radii of ≥0.1m. A minimum of 6 codes are always read, resulting in a high code redundancy. Even with a lot of contamination or damage, the exact position is reliably determined, therefore meeting the strict requirements of material handling. Features include distances up to 10 km including height measurement, extensive diagnostic information and DC switch outputs.

Edited by: Teoman Tugsuz

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