Power quality analyser

Ensures the reliability of production equipment

  • Power quality analyser
    Power quality analyser

Designed for industrial, data centre, infrastructure, utilities and facility management applications, the UMG 512-PRO is set to expand Conrad’s range of measurement solutions.

A vital component for the reliability of production equipment

The Class A power quality analyser, UMG 512-PRO, is a vital component for ensuring the reliability of production equipment because of its ability to precisely measures all power quality parameters at all levels of TN and TT networks as well as IT networks and monitor residual current and energy data management. The intuitively designed colour graphic display makes it easy to navigate the numerous functions. The measured values and events can either be displayed numerically, in bar charts form or in line graph form. Waveform display is possible for current and voltage curves.

It can be used as a connector

The UMG 512-PRO power quality analyser is able to support various Ethernet protocols and enables economical remote monitoring of critical processes. It can be used as a cost-effective connector of subordinate measuring devices without an Ethernet interface. The device-specific Homepage for these measuring devices is ideal for users or target groups within a company, who do not wish to install the GridVis® software. Included in the UMG 512- PRO, the software can be used to program and configure the measuring device.

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