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Provide 30-120A peak for 12ms

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Power Supplies
Power Supplies

Suitable for use in hazardous hazardous zones and in shipbuilding, Quint DC/DC converter power supplies are equipped with SFB (selective fuse breaking) technology that allows them to trip circuit breakers reliably. Faulty circuits are selectively shut down so that the fault is localized and important system components remain operational. With rated output currents of 5 to 20 A, the DC/DC converters from Phoenix Contact supply peak currents of 30 up to 120 A for 12ms to magnetically trip circuit breakers. They operate with 18 to 32 VDC inputs. The range is expanded to between 14 and 32 V DC during operation. Depending on the device type, potentiometers can be used to adjust the output voltage for the ranges 5 to 18 V DC, 18 to 29.5 V DC, and 30 to 56 V DC. By boosting the voltage on long supply lines, the modules change the voltage level or compensate for loss-related voltage drops. As a result of the electrical isolation, they separate circuits to decouple and protect sensitive loads. This is the reason that the primary switched mode switching devices have an internal intermediate circuit, which serves as a filter. In this way, for instance, grounded circuits can be separated from non-grounded ones, or critical loads can be protected against disturbing voltage fluctuations. Comprehensive diagnostics is ensured by the constant monitoring of input and output voltages and currents.

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