POWERLINK Association China commences work

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Increasing market share and ensuing technical support

POWERLINK Association China commences work
POWERLINK Association China commences work

The POWERLINK Association China has celebrated its establishment with an official ceremony at the Xishan Baodao Garden Hotel in Suzhou. The association was founded by B&R together with Advantech, Kinco, SAIC, SIPAI, Shandong University as well as further companies and research institutions in order to satisfy the growing demand of the Chinese market. The organization is committed to increasing POWERLINK's market share in China and to ensuring comprehensive technical support. Further tasks are the promotion of research and development and the establishment of cooperations. Dong Jinchen, deputy secretary general of the China Instrument Industry Association, expressed congratulations on the occasion of the establishment of the POWERLINK Association China. In his speech, he emphasized the crucial role of real-time communication technology in the development of the Chinese automation industry.

Posted on February 24, 2010 - (23502 views)
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