Pressure Calibrators

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Pressure Calibrators
Pressure Calibrators

Including dual- and single-sensor models, these intrinsically safe pressure calibrators from Ametek are for use in hazardous oil, gas, petrochemical and many other applications. The dual-sensor JOFRA HPC552 Ex handles two pressure ranges in a single unit to reduce cost and simplify use. Both the dual-sensor and the single-sensor Model HPC550 Ex include LCD backlighting for enhanced visibility in difficult operating conditions. The calibrators bring laboratory accuracy to an on-site, field-usable instrument. They are well suited for a broad range of applications from simple tool type jobs to complex calibration applications in custody transfer systems. Intelligent features include user configurable information display, 15 different pressure units, mA input and % error calculation. Both models have ATEX / IECEx certification for use in potentially explosive situations. They also have a temperature reference probe input that turns the pressure calibrator into an ATEX certified reference indicator that can be ordered with a selection of reference probes.

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