Prime 16x16 X-ray detector

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Prime 16x16 X-ray detector
Prime 16x16 X-ray detector

The Prime 16x16 Portable X-ray detector weighs below 6kg and can be connected to a laptop computer to produce images for instant review, allowing DR to be used in areas previously limited to radiography by film or CR techniques. The Prime 16x16 Portable is a 200µm detector and has a large active scanning area of 41x41cm. In operation, the new detector, which is powered by any local electricity source though its own power supply unit, can be connected to a WindowsXP or Windows2000 laptop by means of its tethered cable. It is positioned behind the object to be inspected, in line with the radiation source, which can be X-rayor isotope. In the Rhythm DR acquisition software a number of frames are then taken and averaged to reduce noise and display a crisp image on the laptop screen.

Posted on April 1, 2009 - (120 views)
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