PROFINET Diagnostics Without Hardware

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The importance of remote monitoring and diagnostics


PROFINET Diagnostics Without Hardware
PROFINET Diagnostics Without Hardware
PROFINET Diagnostics Without Hardware
PROFINET Diagnostics Without Hardware
PROFINET Diagnostics Without Hardware
PROFINET Diagnostics Without Hardware

“Time flies!” – a classic expression in today’s fast evolving world, in which change became a common driver influencing us as individuals and our behavior. The constant feeling of having a lot to complete within a short period that leads to stress and losing overview affects the result, because the attention to detail is lost. Procentec, the diagnostic solutions provider for industrial automation with over 20 years of experience, has always put the user experience into focus. Entering the race against time, diagnostic solutions enable us to take back the driver’s seat and control the outcome.

In the world of industrial automation, Procentec introduced a new approach called Industry 4.Human. What does it mean? With the end-user perspective being one of the main focus points, the objective is to create easy-to-use and time-saving solutions, based on struggles the end-user faces on a daily basis. Meaning: with time being an important denominator, remote monitoring becomes more important than we can think.

Mixed network architectures 

As mentioned before, time is very valuable; every second lost can have an enormous impact on ongoing processes. A perfect example to show movement in the industry is mixed network architectures. The number of sites that run multiple protocols including PROFIBUS, PROFINET and/or Ethernet/IP is increasing, unleashing a new set of tasks. With a new set of tasks on the table, attention is shifting away from the main objective: minimizing downtime. In order to guarantee uptime in the factory, it is necessary to understand the change and react accordingly by educating employees, bringing their knowledge up-to-date.

Procentec mastered the challenges faced with mixed network architectures and is able to provide not only certified trainings, but also multi-protocol tools that are easy-to-use and remotely accessible at any given moment. This provides opportunity to learn how to master these challenges and maintain uptime in the network - all at the same time. 

Time is not everything

We know, remote monitoring helps saving and prioritizing valuable time, but it can also be very beneficial in case other sudden factors come into play. These factors can also be a change or development in global climate, which cause chain-reactions affecting the economy in unforeseen ways. For instance, health threatening situations can result in limited or even denied access to factories, making maintenance a rather hard achievable job. This is where the ability of remotely monitoring the network’s health becomes handy, as physical presence on site is no longer necessary and live network information can still be easily retrieved

Making it count

To summarize, remote monitoring has multiple benefits to put back into the driver seat, take control of the tasks and the time spent on them. Procentec is here to help, whether dealing with mentioned mixed network architectures or having to adapt to a global situation. The permanent monitoring solutions ComBricks, for PROFIBUS, and Atlas, running on Osiris for PROFINET and Ethernet/IP, are easy-to-use and remotely accessible. This means, important diagnostics information can be retrieved at any given time, without the necessity for someone to be on-site, ensuring safety, uptime for the network and being able to up the knowledge on the current industry standards necessary. 

The overall result is comfort, knowing the status of the network, allowing to take charge of the daily tasks and maybe even ending the day earlier with no worries on mind. 

For more information, please visit or contact Jonathan Machin at: +44(0)7534307696 or

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PROFINET Diagnostics Without Hardware

The importance of remote monitoring and diagnostics

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