Procentec Ensures Reliable Network Infrastructure

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Procentec has a strong focus on the development and manufacture of automation products for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet and Ethernet/IP, supplying innovative solutions, training and consultancy to the industrial automation market


Procentec Ensures Reliable Network Infrastructure
Procentec Ensures Reliable Network Infrastructure

Procentec is dedicated to ensuring network stability and is constantly challenging itself to find the best and easiest to use solutions. Some of its products are unparalleled in today’s market. ProfiTrace, for example, is the company’s mobile troubleshooting and maintenance tool, which has established itself as one of the most pioneering and essential tools available to engineers. In addition to this, the ProfiHub has become a widely accepted solution for ensuring a reliable network infrastructure.

“We teach our customers how to maintain their networks, which includes online and onsite services, as well as developing specific diagnostic tools for clients,” said Elco Docter, Support Coordinator. “We also offer ongoing maintenance of clients’ diagnostic tools, which gives them a warning before the entire network shuts down to minimise downtime.”

Predictive maintenance solutions

These tools have been developed by Procentec as a predictive maintenance solution to help clients keep things running. It is installed on the PROFIBUS/PROFINET network and sends an email if there is an alert on the network. These have been installed across the UK, Europe and the USA, with continued global expansion on the horizon. 

Recently, Procentec worked with a large logistics company to help with their PROFIBUS and PROFINET network. “In January 2019, I joined my English colleague in Manchester, where a large logistics company was looking for a predictive maintenance tool for their PROFIBUS and PROFINET network. As well as purchasing our tools, the company also asked us to perform a health check on their system, which involved inspecting 12 sites across the UK and another 15 across Europe”. Every Procentec office was involved in this; we all helped each other and worked as one big team to ensure the project was completed.

Global expansion and product development

“We’ve got offices all across Europe, so we’re not just focused on our Head Office in the Netherlands; we work across the world to ensure customers receive the best support and service possible.”

Moving forward, Procentec will be expanding its range of diagnostic tools, having initially worked with PROFIBUS, before moving on to PROFINET. “We are continuously staying up to date with customers’ needs. Currently, we’re developing a tool to check multiple Ethernet protocols in a network and watching the marketplace to see where we can improve and what problems we can solve.”

If you would like more information on everything Procentec has to offer, head to the website or Jonathan Machin at +44(0)7534307696 or Email at 

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