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Pumps Cut Downtime
Pumps Cut Downtime

A major corn producer in the United States has chosen Larox LPP-M pumps to replace the previously used electric diaphragm pumps for pumping 12.5% bleach in the industrial boiler cleaning process. The pump was chosen due to its overall reliability and accurate dosing.Cleaning products, such as bleach, are an important part of an industrial boiler in regards to its maintaining and operation. Without proper dosing of the bleach into the makeup water, which is then fed into the feed water, the efficiency of the boiler will be reduced. Also the heat transfer capability of the boiler will be decreased due to the impurities in the water.

Before, the customer was using individual diaphragm pumps for controlling the bleach flow but was not satisfied due to the inconsistent dosage control. More importantly the pump was not able to provide reliable operation. The disturbances included vapor lock, losing prime from sitting idle or gasses building up in the heads preventing the valves from not working properly.

The LPP-M pump does not need degassing valves or check balls to function properly; simply the squeezing action of the tube to push the chemicals forward is enough. Since the installation of the pumps, the customer has experienced continuous operation without interruptions as well as accurate dosing of the bleach leading to decreased chemical consumption.

Headquartered in Lappeenranta, Finland, Larox Flowsys Oy is the supplier of flow control solutions. The company's product range includes peristaltic pumps and pinch valves focusing especially on abrasive, corrosive and other demanding shut-off, control and pumping applications serving a wide range of process industries worldwide. The solutions help reduce the total cost of ownership for the customer and have extremely low environmental load.

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Flowrox offers reliable solutions for abrasive, corrosive and other demanding shut-off, control, pumping and dosing applications serving a wide range of process industries worldwide. The main focus is on Mining & Minerals and Energy & Environment industries. With 30 years experience in elastomer technology, Flowrox is the benchmark in heavy duty valves and pumps.

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