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LIQUIDLine and INOXLine push-in fittings are used in numerous industrial applications requiring the connection and distribution of cooling water, compressed air, gases and liquids. In the search for a solution for especially harsh production environments and higher temperatures, Eisele decided on a fixed pipe connection. For cooling water applications or especially demanding and corrosive industrial applications, the supplier recommends the combination of LIQUIDLine or INOXLine push-in fittings with resistant ProWeld hoses. This combination has proven the right choice for use in extreme conditions and at temperatures up to 100°C. In the case of increased abrasion and wear from weld spatter, aggressive cleaning agents, extreme heat, soiling or mechanical stress (as for example in foundries, the semiconductor industry or automobile manufacturing, other solutions are required The advantage of pipes here is that their pressure resistance is virtually constant. Standard systems from Eisele are suitable for combination with pipes. Customers can therefore use pipes at temperatures up to 120°C, with the flexibility and convenience of push-in fittings. For stronger thermal loads, the fittings can be equipped with seals that are designed for higher temperatures.

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