Stainless Steel Plug-in Connections

For hoses with 20 mm outer diameter

  • Stainless Steel Plug-in Connections
    Stainless Steel Plug-in Connections

Eisele has added a new size to its Inoxline and now offers stainless steel plug-in connections up to a hose diameter of 20 mm. The release sleeve provides protection against impurities. The plug-in connections are easy to clean, which makes them fit for pharmaceutical and food applications, where compliance with high hygiene standards is required, for example in beverage filling systems. Since hoses are more flexible than pipes, they allow more freedom in the design of the system. Due to their flexibility, they allow more options in close spaces. The major advantage of the 20 mm plug-in pneumatic connections is that they are equally suitable for hoses and pipes. The supplier offers a straight and an elbow-type threaded connection, both in stainless steel. They are also suitable for vacuum applications.

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