Push-Pull Connectors

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New variant makes it easier to deploy M12 system

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Push-Pull Connectors
Push-Pull Connectors

Through easy assembling process, the new Push-Pull variant from TE Connectivity makes it easier to deploy M12 system. the Push-Pull technology saves time during installation compared to traditional M12 alternatives. When plugging in the connector, it will give haptic and acoustic feedback when it is correctly locked. This also allows the connector to be mated blindly. To be applicable in harsh environments, the connector will have an IP67 rating for resistance to intrusion of dust and water, ensuring efficient, high-quality and reliable connectivity with a high integrity signal transmission. Push-Pull technology allows  the installer to lock the connector without the use of any tool. This makes it possible to have a higher density of PCB socket connectors compared to traditional M12 connectors. Locking the connector without a tool saves installing time in the field. This lowers the total applied cost. The new sockets of the push-pull portfolio will be compatible with traditional M12 screw type connectors. The push-pull interface with inner locking used in TE’s M12 connectors complies with IEC 61076-2-012 specification for circular connectors with inner push-pull locking based on M12 connector interfaces according to IEC 61076-2-101, IEC 61076-2-109, IEC 61076-211 2-111 and IEC 61076-2-113. 

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