PV Monitoring

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Ideal for mid and large scale installations

Energy Efficiency

PV Monitoring
PV Monitoring

Integrating a helioProtection junction boxes, this PV String module from Mersen is suitable for monitoring the power efficiency of PV installations as well as the status of key components. They are ideal for mid and large scale PV installations, where the number of strings are high. HelioProtection includes solutions that have been designed for specific photovoltaic applications. The company offers expertise for safety and reliability of electrical power. The product offering includes overcurrent protection (value statement), surge protection, electronic systems for energy management, low/high voltage power switches, cooling for power electronics, and power transfer for rail.

Posted on March 2, 2012 - (56 views)
15, Rue Jacques De Vaucanson
69720 Saint Bonnet De Mure - France
+33- 4-72226713
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Ferraz Shawmut is now Mersen
Ferraz Shawmut is now Mersen
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