Radar Sensors IPS-445

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With a low level of phase noise

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Radar Sensors IPS-445
Radar Sensors IPS-445

InnoSenT is developing a new generation of radar sensors, the IPS-445, that feature a very low level of phase noise. It is frequently forgotten that one of the main areas of use of the radar sensor technology is speed measurement, even if many innovations relate to the improvement of distance or angle measurability. In the past, highly sensitive receivers were made possible through the use of ultra-low-noise microwave pre-amplifiers. However the oscillator noise especially limits the radar transceiver's sensitivity.

The direct cross-talk of the transmitted signal into the receiver cannot be completely suppressed, and usually only an isolation of up to 40 dB can be achieved. Unwanted reflexions in close proximity cause contributions to noise which are much bigger than the reflected signal from the target. The resulting noise floor significantly reduces the sensor's maximum range. Especially the low speed range detection is further limited due to the 1/f noise contribution. With the IPS-445, InnoSenT is unveiling the first member of a new 24 GHz family of sensors that offers ultra-low oscillator noise.  

The relevant Doppler frequencies lie within the 100 Hz to 10 kHz range. In this frequency range especially, the IPS-445 exhibits better noise performance, which significantly increases the signal-to-noise ratio of the IF output. This demonstrates that particularly in the lower frequency range an enormous improvement in range and speed accuracy can be achieved compared to previously used oscillators. With the LNO series from InnoSenT, a further benchmark is being set in the field of radar sensor technology especially for challenging measuring tasks. In the future, further sensors from the LNO family will augment InnoSenT's product portfolio.

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