RS celebrates 20 years of presence in Germany

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Market always played an important European role

RS celebrates 20 years of presence in Germany
RS celebrates 20 years of presence in Germany

On the 20th of May  RS Germany celebrated its 20th anniversary with a ceremony in its warehouse in Bad Hersfeld in the centre of Germany. Besides customers, suppliers and other important partners, who significantly contributed to this success story, representatives of politics and society congratulated the company. Germany always played an important strategic role for RS to access the European market.   
The German subsidiary of the Electrocomponents Group was founded in 1991. The distributor for small and medium volumes in electronics, automation and maintenance serves not only the German market. Also business customers in  Benelux, Scandinavia, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary  as well as Switzerland get their ordered products from here.  
Step by step RS enlarged its product range in these markets. Today engineers and purchasing managers have the choice between more than 500.000 products. In the same time RS invested very much in its E-Commerce skills. Already in 1996 the company implemented a German webshop with full E-Commerce functionality. Since then, internet has been playing a key role.
“We strive to be the undisputed market leader in Europe and follow the vision to turn into a complete E-centric company. We want to give our customers the best in class online experience. There should be no easier and faster way to the products, engineers need”, Vice President Sales Northern Europe Jürgen Lampert explains the Company's ambition.

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