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Safety Light Curtains
Safety Light Curtains

Designed for use on smaller production machines, EZ-SCREEN low profile safety light curtain with integral muting is the most recent Type 4 light curtain of Banner Engineering’s machine safety product line. It provides optimal performance in compact spaces, yet is robust enough for large power presses. The two-piece optoelectronic safeguarding device creates a screen of synchronized, modulated infrared sensing beams that extend from end-to-end of the housing, ensuring operators are completely protected from machine safety hazards. Furthermore, it is highly immune to EMI, RFI, ambient light, weld flash and strobe lights, and comes equipped with factory burned-in emitter and receiver circuitry for toughness, dependability and vibration tolerance. Sensing range spans from 100mm to 7m. Seven different muting options including Bypass, Mute-Dependent Override, mute Enable and Mute-cycle time extensions for “L”-style cell exit applications are offered. Additionally, Mute Lamp and Status Outputs can be relayed to the light curtains (or other indicating devices) with a removable disconnect (RD) cordset and accessory end-cap mounting bracket, while easy-to-see Status, Reset, Zone, Mute Device and Diagnostic indicators and displays communicate the number of beams blocked and provide detailed diagnostics. A selectable emitter test option is able to simulate a “blocked” condition as well. Capable of two or four mute device/sensor hookup options, including a cost-effective two sensor "X-pattern" solution used for material entry and exit applications and "L" sensor solution that minimizes the floor space in manufacturing cell exit applications, the EZ-SCREEN LP with integral muting provides enhanced application flexibility. The optional CSM Muting Splitter Cordset provides a complete QD connectorized solution for a simple, low-cost installation. The new safety light curtains do not require a third box, which helps facilitate easy setup, minimizes wiring requirements and reduces installation costs. Setup can be performed without a PC, hand-held programmer or other device; and DIP switch configuration features many of the same functions as a standard EZ-SCREEN LP.

Posted on December 20, 2011 - (1049 views)
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Banner Engineering is a global leader in the manufacturing of photoelectric sensors, indicator lights, vision sensors and vision lighting, machine safety systems, and wireless sensor networks.

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