Scanner for Fast Tracking of Coronavirus Patient Samples

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Provide a traceable workflow of scanned patient swab tubes

Vision & Identification, Covid-19

RT-qPCR sample testing for COVID-19
RT-qPCR sample testing for COVID-19
DataPaq™ Mirage Rack Scanner
DataPaq™ Mirage Rack Scanner

Ziath Ltd., specialized in the development of innovative instrumentation control and information management products, has received orders for its DataPaq™ Mirage Rack Scanner from laboratories that specialize in testing patient samples for Coronavirus Covid-19 infection. The DataPaq™ Mirage Rack Scanner is a camera-based instrument that combines high image quality and fast scanning to provide reliable results in a couple of seconds. The scanner accepts all SBS-format tube racks, making it easy to present coded sample tubes, even when wearing cryoprotective or anti-contamination clothing.

Easy set-up of the scanner, and quick installation of the application software

Stephen Knight, Director of Sales & Marketing at Ziath Ltd commented "The World Health Organisation has stated that widespread testing of people for Coronavirus Covid-19 will help health services identify infected patients and more effectively focus resource to first curb, and then defeat, this virulent pathogen. With test samples in many countries now numbering tens of thousands per week there is a critical need to quickly and reliably test and keep track of patient samples". Dr Haim M Barr, Head of HTS & Medicinal Chemistry at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel) said "Faced with an explosion in sample test numbers we wanted to reliably track suspected Coronavirus Covid-19 patient swabs to tubes and then to racks of 96. For this task we needed a high-quality fast camera-based scanner that would allow us to establish a traceable workflow of scanned patient swab tubes. With the Ziath Mirage we can track the swab tube, the receiving tube (2D barcode on bottom) and then scan for all the locations in the rack as it goes onto the liquid handling robot. With labs like ours working against the clock, this has helped us considerably".

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