Schenck Process Donates More Than 500 Trees

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Celebrating German Unity by participating to the “Einheitsbuddeln” initiative

Schenck Process Donates More Than 500 Trees
Schenck Process Donates More Than 500 Trees

To celebrate German Unity Day, October 3rd, Schenck Process participated to the “Einheitsbuddeln” tree plaining campaign and donated more than 500 trees. The initiative was started by Schlesig-Holstein together with their local forestry in an effort to rebuild the forests and positively impact climate.

Active and engaged

As an active participant to “Einheitsbuddeln”, Schenck donated the money to plant more than 500 trees in the Schlesig-Holstein forest, matching the numbers of employees at their Darmstrandt location. Moreover, to actively engage its workforce, Schenck also distributed seedlings to interested employees on Wednesday, October 2nd. 

Posted on October 8, 2019 - (359 views)
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