Screwdriving Technology Minimat-ED

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Simply adaptable to any screw joint

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Screwdriving Technology Minimat-ED
Screwdriving Technology Minimat-ED

Deprag Schulz presents the new MINIMAT-ED. The handy all-rounder can be quickly and simple adapted to any screw joint. The torque required for the screw assembly is set directly on the screwdriver at the push of a button. Up to five programs (with pre-defined torque or angle values) can be saved and selected as required. Screw assembly can then begin immediately. The electric screwdriver is precise and reliable, the tools shuts off once the target value is reached. Red and green LEDs light up immediately to show the operator whether the assembly was carried out successfully.

The new MINIMAT-ED can also be used to implement more complex procedures without any difficulty. If a customer has several screw joints with varying tightening parameters, these can be realised with the multi-stage, adjustable screwdriving program. In the individual programs, the torque and angle are set. A search phase can also be defined where the screwdriver starts slowly. The whole screwdriving procedure can thereby be completely pre-set. The operator only has to select the correct screwdriving program.

The digital display can also be used to monitor this. As before the user can of course also adapt the speed of the individual steps as required. Unauthorised changes to the parameters can be prevented using password protection. The updated, more powerful MINIMAT-ED is available in three versions for torques between 0.24 to 4.8 Nm at speeds of 2000 rpm. The speeds can be individually adjusted up to the maximum speed for each screwdriver type. The handheld screwdriver also benefits from a particularly slim design and is comfortably lightweight. The MINIMAT-ED is recommended for any application, particularly for workplaces with varying tightening parameters.

Installation with controllers and control cabinets is also an option as well as industrial reworking stations in large volume production lines or repair stations. Because the digital spindle screwdriver can be used without an external controller it is extremely good value for money. It also enables easier checking of tightening parameters. At shift change the new operator can see the set values on the digital display and does not have to start off by checking the tool on the test station. This thereby guarantees the highest processing reliability.

Keeping the best of the old
Just like its predecessor the new MINIMAT-ED is reliable, has an extremely long life-span and very high torque precision.

Using Plug-and-Play it makes childsplay of varied screw assembly. The user connects screwdriver and power unit with the highly flexible tool cable. Screw assembly can then begin straightaway either by pressing the button or push-to-start. The MINIMAT-ED can be used either for right or left hand threads. The main rotational direction can be selected as required, the screwdriver shuts off left or right to torque or angle. The maximum loosening torque is available in the opposite direction if required. Other successful tried and tested features have also been retained. This includes the ergonomic grip design and the hanger for the balancer.

An integrated quick change chuck enables easy tool insert exchange. The MINIMAT-ED accommodates all the user comforts you could wish for and an additional plus point for the electrical industry is the ESD capability. DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH & CO. based in Amberg, Germany has 600 employees in over 50 countries. The experts in screwdriving technology set the trend in the market with their innovative products.

The latest developments from the full service provider will be on show from the 5th to the 8th of October at the MOTEK in Stuttgart: Exhibition Stand 5310, Hall 5.

Posted on September 10, 2015 - (308 views)
DEPRAG Schulz GmbH & Co.
Kurfürstenring 12-18
92224 Amberg - Germany
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Screwdriving Technology Minimat-ED

Simply adaptable to any screw joint

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