Sensaggio: Competitive - Innovative

Pressure sensor solutions

  • Sensaggio: Competitive - Innovative
    Sensaggio: Competitive - Innovative
  • Sensaggio: Competitive - Innovative
    Sensaggio: Competitive - Innovative

Sensaggio ratiometric pressure transducer has been originally designed for the HVAC automotive sector to meet the requirement for another reliable source in a market where the alternatives were almost non existent. The product exceeded the expectations and it came out with excellent characteristics in terms of reliability, accuracy, response time and resistance to high voltage.

Over the past 2 years it has been approved by 2 major car manufacturers and, exploiting the cost structure needed to be competitive with OEM car manufacturers, the sensor was offered to the HVAC-R industrial sector. Once again it was successfully approved and the quality/cost ratio is the best available The next applications we target are HVAC-T (transportation: bus, trucks, ships, trains, ecc.) and industrial ones outside conditioning and refrigeration. The sensor can be customized in terms of material (Al, SS, Brass) and various connectors and personalization laser writing on the body. Right now it has an output in volts (V serie) but a new version with mA output is under way (A serie)(transmitter).

The product is manufactured in Italy and the companies participating in the project have many years of experience in automotive, HVAC and pressure sensors. This guarantees innovation and a state of the art product as the customers' needs are well understood.The Sensaggio ratiometric pressure transducer utilizes a piezoresistive Wheatstone bridge with a chemically etched ceramics diaphragm.

Resistant to extreme temperatures, excellent hysteresis, high accuracy, fast response time and excellent surge resistance.

Suitable for refrigerant gases, also for new gas HFO-1234ze, R1234yf, R407C, and related oils. Also suitable for most media

Suitable for critical applications, with aggressive fluids.

0 ÷ 5,2-46,0 [bar]


Air - Gases - Liquids

Customizable with different materials, connectors and transfer functions.