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Electrodes now available in heavy-duty version

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tecLine pH and redox single rod measuring cells are now available in a highly robust heavy-duty version.
tecLine pH and redox single rod measuring cells are now available in a highly robust heavy-duty version.
JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt/fd paperless recorders are now available with added useful functions.
JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt/fd paperless recorders are now available with added useful functions.

JUMO tecLine electrodes are high-quality sensors for professional application in process and industrial measurement technology. They are designed as combined single rod measuring cells and are available in a variety of versions for diverse applications. New additions to the program now include a pH and a redox single rod measuring cell in a heavy-duty version.


The JUMO tecLine HD pH and the JUMO tecLine HD Rd are highly robust and can be installed either in complex processes with increased contamination and toxic cargo or in mediums containing oil at temperatures up to 135 °C and 13 bar pressure.

A recently developed large-area PTFE ring diaphragm with improved structure not only ensures a quick response time but also extensive insensitivity towards greater contamination loads or oily/fatty process and wastewaters. The standard dual-chamber design prevents electrode failure in the event of penetrating electrode toxins over the extended diffusion path. A large salt reserve in the reference system guarantees long-term stability measurements.

pH versions are also available with the integrated Pt1000 temperature probe. The tried and tested JUMO HT glass is used as pH-sensitive membrane glass. In addition to increased temperature resistance this glass also features a high linearity with alkaline pH values (>12). Redox versions can be supplied with a platinum or gold dome. The recently developed reference electrolyte based on solid polymers is non-toxic, age-resistant, and demonstrates a high level of temperature and contamination resistance.

Typical fields of application for the latest electrodes include air or gas scrubbers, processes in the electroplating industry, industrial wastewaters, and plants with increased medium pressure.

New functions for paperless recorder
Furthermore, additional useful functions have been implemented into the new device versions of the JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt/fd paperless recorders for measurement data logging.

With the option to display the recorder screen horizontally, multiple customer wishes have been realized. What is more, 54 external inputs are now available instead of only 24 as was previously the case. Time synchronization is now possible thanks to SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol). A new web server and a Modbus slave monitoring round off the new functions.

The paperless recorders in the LOGOSCREEN range feature a modular concept for measuring data logging (3 to 18 internal measuring inputs), an innovative operating design, and high safety standard. Measured values can be visualized as curves, bar graphs, or alphanumerically in process screens. The evaluation of archived data and the configuration of the devices is carried out with the help of high-performance software.

The JUMO LOGOSCREEN fd has the same functionality as the nt model, and is specially designed for use in the food industry and the pharmaceuticals industry according to 21 CFR part 11 of the FDA. The device software and the PC software components meet the requirements of the FDA with regard to data security, access to data via an authorized group of users, conduction of an audit trail, and provision of electronic signatures. The paperless recorder can be supplied with either a zinc die-cast or stainless-steel front end mask.

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