Siemens Supports Energy Turnaround in China

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Energy Efficiency Roadshow

Siemens Supports Energy Turnaround in China
Siemens Supports Energy Turnaround in China

Siemens takes a look back at the Energy Efficiency Roadshow that was held in China. The Chinese tour kicked off in July 2011 with its first stop in Beijing. Starting there, the goal of the roadshow was to demonstrate Siemens' energy portfolio to the industry. A truck informed Siemens' industrial customers and the public, how sustainable production and economic success can be harmonized. The current discussion about the energy turnaround is mainly focused on the search for alternative resources. That is why Siemens Industry has shifted more attention towards greater energy efficiency. For Siemens this is the key to a successful energy turnaround. 30 percent of the global energy consumption is ascribed to the industrial sector. Siemens recognizes this potential for savings and provides its green portfolio to make energy efficiency gains possible.
On its tour throughout China, the truck used technical models to show how industrial processes can be optimized with an integrated energy efficiency approach. Taking advantage of its intelligent hardware and software solutions, Siemens supports customers systematically in implementing an operational energy management based on the principle "Identify", "Evaluate", and "Realize": Siemens makes energy flows transparent, identifies resource-saving potential and offers optimum products, systems and services in order to implement energy-efficient and economically sustainable solutions.

Posted on July 6, 2012 - (283 views)
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