Smart Factory Management Solution

Collects and analyzes cloud-based industrial data

  • by Ulalalab
  • August 27, 2019
  • Wicon hardwares from WimFactory
    Wicon hardwares from WimFactory

WimFactory from Ulalalab is a smart factory platform that consists of a combination of hardware, Wicon, and software, Wim-X. Its goal is to help diminish the losses by fixing facility abnormality instantly. In terms of manufacturing, WimFactory collects and stores various data regarding production, quality, facility, environment, or energy through the Wicon hardware, and provides optimized monitoring and management based on big data analysis and machine learning through the Wim-X software. 

Fits the smart management of motors, farms, compressors, factories, trains, or plants

Wicon is an IIoT device that automatically collects and transmits real-time data to a cloud server, by combining it with industrial sensors and attaching it to the facilities, working with LoRA, LTE-M or NB-IOT networks. Up to 4 sensors can be connected to Wicon, supporting serial, I2C, SPI and data communication. WIM-X delivers real-time monitoring of facilities, event notification, forecasting and analysis reports. It features a modular interface consisting of utility, channel, facility and group widget. This software enables to convert and structure data and provides analysis reports that occur in a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

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