Creating Mobile HMIs in Drag-and-Drop Environment

Enable existing industrial systems to a quick IIoT-retrofit with mobile communication and cloud connectivity

  • Creating Mobile HMIs in Drag-and-Drop Environment
    Creating Mobile HMIs in Drag-and-Drop Environment

Machines can be maintained quickly and reliably by using digital data. However, many industrial companies are still reluctant to tap into their treasure trove of data because the effort involved seems too high. With its innovative solution, IoTize proves that digitalization does not always have to be a major strategic project

The solution is perfect for technicians who have a high level of specialist knowledge but no programming skills. Digitalization projects are significantly simplified and accelerated with this complete solution to deliver results quickly.

Create HMIs with your smart phone 

Maintaining and monitoring industrial machinery becomes much more efficient when technicians have a customised HMI on their mobile device. With IoTize's cross-platform no-code IoT solution, HMI apps for iOS, Android and Windows can be created in minutes and tailored to specific user types such as installers, maintenance technicians or supervisors.

The IoT App Creator software removes the technical challenges of creating HMIs. It can be used to create user interfaces with responsive designs, sophisticated controls and customised branding. No coding is required thanks to a drag-and-drop configuration environment. The resulting UIs can be used on mobile devices as well as for cloud dashboards. With the cloud option, collected data can also be transferred to a supervisory platform.

Fast retrofit

A range of fieldbus adapters offer access to device data and parameters. These can be used to wirelessly connect a mobile device to industrial equipment. These adapters connect directly to the RS-232, RS-485 Ethernet or USB fieldbus of any system. This patented solution requires no programming or hardware redesign to add wireless communication to an existing product.

High security standards

To ensure secure data exchange, communication between the mobile device and the connected industrial infrastructure is encrypted. In addition, different profile settings can be defined in the HMIs to give different users individual access rights to the machines.