Smart Fixed Gas Detectors

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Designed to operate in harsh industrial environments

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Smart Fixed Gas Detectors
Smart Fixed Gas Detectors

Prosense manufactures the ATEX, IECEx, SIL2 approved PQD Series of fixed gas detectors. They are designed and developed to face the demanding conditions found in industrial plants, to carry out continuous measurement of combustible, toxic, oxygen, and VOC gases. Highly robust, the PQD series delivers measurement stability, target gas measurement, and accuracy through its sensors. With a Pellistor, Infrared, Electrochemical, and PID sensor options, the fixed gas detector gives excellent results in LEL, ppm, and VOL ranges.

The PQD’s aluminium and SS316 stainless steel enclosure options provide great performance under harsh environmental conditions. 4-20mA and RS485 (Modbus RTU) outputs are simple to operate by connecting to Prosense gas detection panels or a suitable controller. Running external devices with an optional relay module in PQD is also made possible.

More efficiency in commissioning, operation, and maintenance

The fixed gas detector comes with magnetic key which allows user to adjust the many settings through OLED display. Besides, the large & bright OLED display can be easily read from any angle. The PQD gas detectors record alarm, maintenance status up to 250 events, which are protected by mini battery in case of sudden power failure. They check all functions continuously since the first start-up to ensure they operate perfectly and indicate a fault in case of any failure. All parameters are adjustable according to application requirements and facility standards.

In addition, depending on the application requirements, PQD’s screen can be placed separately. Calibration can be done by a single operator via using magnetic key without opening the lid in the hazardous area. Relay, analog, and bump test functions give detector/system status information to the operator. Last, PQD gas detectors can be safely used in potentially explosive atmospheres and outdoor conditions thanks to the ATEX, IECEx, SIL2 certification, and EN 60079-29-1 performance approval with the IP65/IP66 protection class.

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