Smart Temperature Probe

Enables stability in rapidly changing environments

  • Smart Temperature Probe
    Smart Temperature Probe

Vaisala released the HMP9, a compact and smart humidity and temperature probe with high response time. It is suitable for industrial applications with rapidly changing environments, where fast thermal response, measurement performance and long-term stability are essential. Designed in a compact package, it weights a few grams and the probe head is 5 mm of diameter, which offers faster response time and capabilities of installation in tight spaces.

Plug-and-play compatible with Indigo transmitters

Optimized for dryers, air handling units or test chambers, this probe can also help in locations with temperatures under 120°C, that don’t involve high pressure, where temperature measurement and accurate humidity are critical factors. The HMP9 also grants measurements of other calculated humidity parameters, such as dew point temperature, wet-bulb temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, water concentration, water vapor pressure and enthalpy. It comprises a Humicap sensor that delivers industry-standard humidity measurement performance. The sensor can remove harmful chemicals by heating itself thanks to a chemical purge option.

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