Stepper Motor Pinch Valves

They work in multiple configurations

  • Stepper Motor Pinch Valves
    Stepper Motor Pinch Valves

In an ever growing number of applications, a higher pinching strength and a proportional accurate control of the crushing of the tubing that controls the fluid are necessary. In order to respond to this request, Sirai designed this series of valves equipped with an electric stepper motor combined with an electronic management board. 

This solution not only limits the power consumption, but also helps reach a pinching strength of 80N, so as to make the valve work with tubings with hardness up to 90 shore A The electronic board allows the valve to work in multiple configurations, based on the different requirements, especially in ON-OFF mode, proportional with adjustment potentiometer and with analog input 0-5V or 4-20mA.
The valves are delivered already programmed and customized according to the requested configuration, so as to make the installation easier and faster.