Telemetric Torsion Measuring System

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Detecting the torque on the shaft body

Test & Measurement

Telemetric Torsion Measuring System
Telemetric Torsion Measuring System

Nowadays, telemetry systems with near-field transmission are often used to measure the torques of rotating shafts. Torque is generally sensed using strain gauges. These have been providing excellent results for many decades due to their precision and flexibility. Unfortunately, the installation and the connection of strain gauges is time-consuming and thus expensive. Other procedures such as magneto-resistive or inductive methods, angle difference measurement and so on, while less expensive to manufacture, are more susceptible to interference and low precision. The telemetric torsion measuring technology outlined from Manner combines the features of strain gauge techniques with an extremely low-cost application technology. The telemetric torsion sensor already has a torque sensing feature which can be very easily affixed, just like a postage stamp. This is achieved using a common carrier for the torsion sensor on a strain gauge basis, as well a signal detection unit with an integrated telemetry interface. The system operates very advantageously and without any contact. No soldering iron is needed to install it. As the structure can be affixed anywhere on the body of the shaft the main area of application is in the cost-effective manufacture of torque sensors for series applications.

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Manner Sensortelemetrie GmbH
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Contact-less sensor signal transmitting components for series applications in torque measuring flanges, mechanical engineering, plant construction  and process technology
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