Torque Measuring Flange

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With EtherCAT connection

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Torque Measuring Flange
Torque Measuring Flange

Manner Sensortelemetrie has widened its range of torque measuring flanges developed specifically for test-bed technology. The focus is now on expanding network connectivity. EtherCAT connection is now available along with existing USB, CAN and Ethernet (TCP/IP) network links. This means that the torque meter can be seamlessly integrated into existing EtherCAT networks. EtherCAT technology offers advantages, particularly with larger test facilities. The real time protocol allows control processes for torque-guided drives. In its standard version, Manner's torque measurement technology provides 6,700 readings per second. Decoupling the recording and bus processes allows the user to select the sampling frequency in the EtherCAT bus system. With the Ethernet hardware platform fibre optic cables can also be used. Large transmission distances of several kilometres are possible with guaranteed absolutely interference-free transmission of the measurements - even under harsh EMC conditions. The rotation speed data collected using the integrated speed measurement system is also transmitted. The classical data recording interface is no longer needed which greatly cuts costs. In fact, the measuring flange, together with a PC represents a plug-and-play data acquisition system. The software needed to visualise the readings is also provided.

Posted on September 23, 2013 - (1284 views)
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Contact-less sensor signal transmitting components for series applications in torque measuring flanges, mechanical engineering, plant construction  and process technology
Option: approval for EX applications

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