The secure Y-Lock Yamaichi Connector

for space-critical installation situations

  • The secure Y-Lock Yamaichi Connector
    The secure Y-Lock Yamaichi Connector

The new Y-Lock Generation 2 of the non-ZIF-based connector system from Yamaichi offers some interesting new features. In Generation 2, an additional plastic stiffener has been added that is mechanically assembled with the FFC. The stiffener then engages with the connector. This new system makes guiding the FFC and inserting the FFC into the connector more convenient. The pull-out force for the FFC has also been increased from about 10N to about 25N.
Another advantage is the security of the contact coverage between FFC pads and connector. The contact coverage is provided by the FFC guide rails in the connector. The new generation facilitates the FFC guiding by the stiffener which positions the FFC. That makes it simply impossible for the FFC to be crooked. That means there is no danger of a lack of contact coverage. The Y-Lock concept is particularly suitable for space-critical installation situations, permitting secure connections even in the absence of visual contact, whether you are using manual or automated insertion.

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