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New generation with user-friendly mounting procedure

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New Generation Y-RED
New Generation Y-RED

Yamaichi Electronics improves its product range with the New Generation Y-RED, a new further development of the Y-RED semiconductor test contactors. The new Generation Y-RED combines high-grade technology, standardized single parts and a user-friendly mounting procedure. It starts with the standard hinged-type socket for evaluation and reliability applications such as HAST, HTOL and Burn-in. The socket can be equipped with spring probe pins starting from 0.3mm pitch. Its operating range goes from -40° to +150°C.

A new mounting technique that simplifies the socket assembly work

The Y-RED sockets can be used for the packages LGA, QFN and BGA / (WL)CSP’s from sizes 3x3 to 11x11mm. The New Generation Y-RED uses a mounting plate which already comprises the screws. This mounting plate sticks to the backside of the PCB by press-fit or can be easily hold by hand. It also acts as transportation safety plate and as stiffener together with the optional pusher. In addition, the spring-loaded pusher comes as an additional feature that compensates height tolerances of the device as well as the accurate device guiding.

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