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With Foundation Fieldbus digital output

Posted on May 23, 2014 - ( views)

by Jurgen Wirtz

Magnetrol announces the release of the Eclipse Model 706 transmitter with Foundation Fieldbus digital output communications. According to the supplier, this is the first guided wave radar (GWR) transmitter to pass the Fieldbus Foundation testing using the latest Foundation fieldbus interoperability test kit ITK 6.1.1. This device offers all of the advantages of the standard 4-20 mA (HART) ECLIPSE Model 706, such as improved Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), improved diagnostics (meets NAMUR NE 107) and full complement of Overfill-capable probes. This new transmitter will contain the following function blocks: 1 Resource Block (RB), 3 Transducer Blocks (TB), 8 Analog Input Blocks (AI), 2 PID Blocks, 1 Arithmetic Block (AR), 1 Input Selector (IS), 1 Signal Characterizer Block (SC), as well as 1 Integrator Block (IT).

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