Turck is expecting slight recovery for 2010

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Sales decrease by 27 percent to 270 million Euros

Turck is expecting slight recovery for 2010
Turck is expecting slight recovery for 2010

The Muelheim-based family enterprise Turck is anticipating a consolidated turnover of approximately 270 million Euros for the current fiscal year. Compared to the past fiscal year, this is a decrease of about 27 percent. The total number of employees has decreased by approximately ten percent to 2.550, including all Turck subsidiaries and representations worldwide. 1.374 employees, 75 of which are trainees, work for the familiy enterprise in the german locations Muelheim, Halver and Beierfeld.

“This fiscal year’s profit is strongly influenced by our prime markets in the automotive and machine building industry,” says Christian Wolf, Managing Director with the Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG, who expects a slight recovery for the next fiscal year. “Orders have stabilized at least – although I do not expect them to increase significantly in the near future. We are anticipating slightly increasing sales with a solid single-digit growth rate.”  Wolf says that the recovering US market is going to play a big role for this development, since  Turck as the leading vendor for sensor and connectivity solutions holds a big market share there. Sales in China are recovering, too – even though at a lower pace.

Posted on September 1, 2009 - (19057 views)
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