Two-Stage Bevel/Helical Gearboxes

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  • by Varvel
  • June 18, 2015
  • Two-Stage Bevel/Helical Gearboxes
    Two-Stage Bevel/Helical Gearboxes

Varvel SpA introduces a new bevel/helical series as expansion of the appreciated gearbox lines RO and RV.
The existing Series RO-RV was designed to match the product modularity, a guideline conceived for all the new gearboxes from 2000, with three gear-sets and enabling local assembly from kits.
This way, Varvel distributors worldwide have been able to deliver in a few minutes a complete bevel/helical gearbox starting from modules partially assembled in kit form. Now, Varvel is looking at those applications where volumes and ratios up to 50/1 allow a direct supplying to OEMs. Therefore, a new bevel/helical gearbox line was designed with the aid of the state-of-the-art gear calculation and modelling, and housing stress and deformation checking.
The gearboxes RO2 have the ratios made of two gear sets, bevel at input and helical at output, instead of similar RO3 ratios but made of one bevel and two helical. The market needs of efficiency improvement are matched with the replacement of worm boxes, having an intrinsic and important power loss, by the far better RO gearboxes.
The efficiency upgrading made possible the manufacturing of a smaller size RO02 that aroused great interest at the last Hanover Fair.

The new series is made of four sizes:
RO02 - max. torque 120 Nm and hollow output shaft 25 mm;
RO12 - 120 Nm and 30 mm;
RO22 - 330 Nm and 35 mm;
RO32 - 550 Nm and 40 mm and technical features about 20% higher than competition parameters; Twenty ratios from 5.2/1 to 51.5/1.
One-piece housing and additional fixing holes have granted an increased torsional rigidity to most of customers' fitting.