Two-wire Guided Wave Radar

Received SIL3 certificate from exida

  • Two-wire Guided Wave Radar
    Two-wire Guided Wave Radar

SIL ratings measure the safety risk of a given process. The higher the SIL level, the greater the impact of a failure and the lower the failure rate that is acceptable. Assigning a SIL level is thus based on the amount of risk reduction that is necessary and/or requested to maintain risk at an acceptable level. To determine SIL in the process industry, the entire control loop needs to be considered. Magnetrol two-wire guided wave radar Eclipse 705 has received the exida certificate for a “SIL 3 Capable” device according to the IEC61508 : 2000 Parts 1-7. This means, in practice, that combining two devices in a 1oo2 set-up is in line with SIL 3 loop requirements. Several agency approvals such as ATEX, Lloyds, TÜV, FM/CSA are also available.

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