Level Transducer

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Level Transducer
Level Transducer

Including an adjustable time delay of up to 45 s and a test button for the output signal, the Echotel Model 962 offers two setpoints on the same transducer, a tip sensitive lower gap and a flow-through upper gap. This dual-gap design allows the unit to be used for low and high level alarm, high and high/high level alarm, low and low/low level alarm, or for pump control in an auto fill/empty mode. Developed by Magnetrol, the transducer uses the pulsed ultrasonic wave technology, making it less sensitive to buildup, aeration, foam and turbulence. Response time is <0.5 s. LEDs indicate proper operation and malfunction conditions; identification of the malfunction and a separate error signal are also standard. The device is not sensitive to density or liquid change and therefore does not require any calibration. Depending on the transducer, it can be used with nearly every type of liquid with a maximum viscosity of 10.000 cP in a temperature range between -80 up to 165°C and pressures ranging from vacuum up to 130 bar. The transducer is available loop-powered with a mA output or AC/DC line-powered with integrated relays. It is designed for use in ATEX intrinsically safe as well as explosion proof areas. Easily integrated in SIL 1,2, or 3 loops, its construction conforms to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), and, with a Safe Failure Fraction higher than 90%.

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