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More than 30 mm narrower

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    Uninterruptible Power Supply

The uninterruptible power supply SITOP UPS1600from Siemens is also available with 40 A output current. With a width of only 70 mm, the UPS module is more than 30 mm narrower than its predecessor device, despite better overload capability and higher load current. Like the smaller 10 A and 20 A devices, it offers new diagnostics options and can be integrated in PC- and PLC-based systems via the Ethernet/PROFINET interface. A battery module with 12 Ah is now available in addition as energy storage for higher rated and peak currents or longer buffer times.

The UPS1100 2.5 Ah battery module made of pure lead batteries for use under extreme temperature conditions is also new. The advantages at a glance: Compact UPS module UPS1600 24 V/ 40 A with digital I/O and with USB or Ethernet/PROFINET interface (2 ports); Maintenance-free battery modules UPS1100 12 Ah or 2.5 Ah for -40 °C to +60 °C; Remote monitoring via integrated web server; Integration in PC-based systems; Full system integration in TIA

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