Unleash the Full Potential of Operational Data

Realize the full value of production data through edge computing, cloud-hosted storage and DCS

  • Unleash the Full Potential of Operational Data
    Unleash the Full Potential of Operational Data

To improve operations, manufacturers need to make the most of data. They can do this by bridging the worlds of IT and OT – by connecting the cloud and control environments, data management solutions can bring data from control systems, devices and equipment for instant analysis and action.

By bringing cloud computing power closer to the edge through an intelligent computing platform, these solutions reduce latency, speeding up data analysis.

The result is immediate operational improvements.

By allowing easy integration with existing control systems, the DCS can focus on real-time control, while the data solution concentrates on enhancing performance. Software applications can help users visualize critical issues and take action.

Small but capable computing devices, such as ABB’s Edgenius Operations Data Manager, can work at the edge or in the cloud, giving highly flexible and secure deployment. Installations can be extended as data volumes and applications grow, from a single plant to a complete enterprise.

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