When to Choose HOT MWIR Over Uncooled LWIR

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HOT MWIR cameras offer faster time to image
HOT MWIR cameras offer faster time to image
When to Choose HOT MWIR Over Uncooled LWIR
When to Choose HOT MWIR Over Uncooled LWIR

Cooled midwave infrared (MWIR) cameras have long held a tactical advantage over uncooled longwave infrared (LWIR) cameras in many airborne and ground-based missions. But while cooled MWIR cameras are highly sensitive, they are also larger, heavier, require more power, and cost more than uncooled LWIR cameras.

Recent advancements in High Operating Temperature (HOT) MWIR technology, however, opens up new possibilities.

The FLIR Neutrino™ LC is a new size, weight, and power (SWaP) optimized HOT MWIR camera that fits in the palm of your hand, uses less than four watts, and is suitable for missions previously dominated by uncooled LWIR cameras.

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