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    Wireless Data Logger

Wireless monitoring of measured data and fast readings of measured values - the new features of the Bluetooth Low Energy Option (Bluetooth 4.0 Smart) and the OLED (organic light-emitting diode) graphic display of the MSR145 mini data logger from MSR Electronics. The BLE short-range radio technology is particularly advantageous for applications that require monitoring of measured data from locations that are difficult to access, such as machine rotations. In addition to the small housing, the wide range of available measurands and the large memory capacity, the latest version of the data logger now also features impressive wireless communication via BLE. BLE allows the user immediate data visualisation irrespective of the location. The free MSR smartphone app can be used to recall the current and last recorded values at any time. A smartphone, a PC or the BLE receiver box transmits the measured data to MSR SmartCloud, if required.

MSR SmartCloud facilitates the storage of measured data on a server via the Internet, allowing the user to view, print or download the measured values of their data loggers to a PC for a detailed analysis, wherever they are. If required, the user can grant further participants access to his/her measured data with a personal MSR SmartCloud login, thus facilitating efficient and easy co-operation. The user-friendly MSR SmartCloud can notify the user of incoming alarms via text messages and e-mail. Depending on the data logger type and existing infrastructure, measured data can enter the MSR SmartCloud in different ways: wireless using BLE via a smartphone, PC or the BLE receiver box. A further possibility: connection via a PC using a USB cable.

The MSR145 data logger can now be equipped with a colour OLED display for a compact representation of data and graphic charts. The high screen resolution enables the user to easily read measured values, even in total darkness and from virtually any viewing angle. The display is switched on and off manually; the desired display data can be configured in the MSR PC software program "Set up". The new options for the data logger will be available as of August 2013.

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