Shock Datalogger

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Shock Datalogger
Shock Datalogger

The Swiss company launched its new MSR165 minidatalogger with high resolution 3-axis digital accelerometer. The rugged datalogger is capable of making 1,000 acceleration (shock, vibrations) measurements per second in all three axes, up to 6 months. At the same time temperature, humidity, pressure and light can be measured. The memory capacity of this datalogger is over 2,000,000 measurements.

Posted on August 1, 2009 - (509 views)
MSR Electronics GmbH
Mettlenstrasse 6
8472 Seuzach - Switzerland
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MSR Electronics GmbH develops mini dataloggers for temperature, humidity, pressure, light and acceleration. Among their customers are well-known companies such as Festo, Alstom, Novartis and many more.

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