3D Printer and Method Materials

Ensure consistently accurate parts

  • MakerBot Method X
    MakerBot Method X

MakerBot Method X is a manufacturing workstation designed to challenge traditional manufacturing with real ABS material, a 100°C heated chamber, and SR-30 soluble supports to provide great dimensional accuracy for complex, durable parts. Method X can print real ABS that can withstand up to 15°C higher temperatures, is up to 26% more rigid, and up to 12% stronger than other modified ABS formulations.

No warping or cracking of the real ABS parts

The machine is one of the most intelligent 3D printers with 21 onboard sensors that help users monitor, enhance, and print their projects, including RFID chips, temperature sensing, humidity control, material detection and more. Method X includes industrial 3D printing features, such as a circulating heated chamber, dual performance extruders, dry-sealed material bays, and industrial SR-30 soluble supports, which make it ideal for printing with advanced, engineering-grade materials.

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