New ABS Composite Materials with Advanced Properties

MakerBot makes new ABS composite materials developed by Kimya available for its METHOD 3D printers

  • Picture of the Kimya ABS Kevlar 3D Filament
    Picture of the Kimya ABS Kevlar 3D Filament

MakerBot, a global player in 3D printing and subsidiary of Stratasys Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSYS), annouces that three new Kimya ABS composite materials by ARMOR have been qualified for MakerBot LABS™ for the MakerBot METHOD X® 3D printer. Composites are amongst the most in-demand material categories for manufacturing applications due to their enhanced properties compared to unfilled thermoplastics. Parts 3D printed with composite materials can often replace traditionally-manufactured parts and thus doing achieve time and cost savings. 

Three new materials in the spotlight

Kimya ABS Kevla is an extremely strong yet lightweight and durable material which is reinforced with aramid fibers that is used for making parts with high strength, abrasion-resistance and dimensional stability. Kimya ABS Kevlar is ideal for jigs, fixtures, tolls, and end use parts, such as robotic end effectors and protective gear.
Kimya ABS-ESD, is a lightweight and rigid ABS material which protects against electrostatic discharges (ESD) and is therefore ideal well-suited for applications such as electronics housings and production fixtures.
Kimya ABS-EC is a new material consisting of ABS that becomes electrically-conductivewith the addition of carbon nanotubes. Its unique properties open up new applications in the automotive and electronics industry, such as touch sensors.

3D printing with the MakerBot METHOD

With its up to 110°C heated chamber and ability to control the speed at which parts cool during the printing process, METHOD can print strong manufacturing-grade parts from advanced engineering materials more successfully than traditional desktop 3D printers. METHOD is able to print a variety of materials, including ABS, PC-ABS, Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber, ASA, and PETG, as well as a host of materials from partners. The platform’s modularity allows users to easily switch between the six different extruders that MakerBot offers for different material groups and applications. Kimya ABS Kevlar, Kimya ABS-ESD, and Kimya ABS-EC are available to print on the METHOD X 3D printer with the new MakerBot LABS GEN 2 Experimental Extruder, the latest edition of the LABS extruder.